Slimsticks, The Diet Drink That Can Help Suppress Appetite

Last updated on September 11th, 2015

Slimsticks reviewSlimsticks is a weight loss supplement manufactured in the UK by Inovate Health. The company has been trading since 2010.

They produce a range of healthy snacks and supplements, but Slimsticks is probably their most popular product. The Slimsticks website is very impressive and contains a wealth of information about how to get the best results from the product.

The site also shows includes an adequate amount of details about the manufacturers. and the fact that they make it so easy for customers to contact them suggests that Inovate Health is a respectable company that has nothing to hide.

rejected diet pillClaims: Claims to be a great tasting diet drink that can help your calorific intake by 500 – 600 calories a day

Positives: Has a good ingredient  and from a reputable company

Negatives: The good ingredient is diluted by some not so good ingredients. Limited money back guarantee

 How Does Slimsticks Assist Weight loss?

Slimsticks official websiteSlimsticks is a drink mix. It comes is choice of three flavors and each box contains 30 sachets. The manufactures claim Slimsticks assists weight loss by helping the consumer to:

  • Eat less food.
  • Reduce their weight.
  • Manage their weight.

The product does not assist burning excess calories or fat; the only claimed benefit is as an appetite suppressant. The manufacturers also point out better results can be obtained by combining Slimsticks with a healthy eating pattern and some light exercise.

Usage Instructions

How to use SlimsticksThe recommend initial dose is two sachets each day—one with breakfast, and one with lunch. Each sachet is mixed with a glass of water (or other chosen beverage) which should be followed by a further two glasses of water/beverage.

After a month the lunchtime sachet can be dispensed with, but Inovate Health state this will vary from one consumer to the next, depending on individual factors, such as diet and metabolism.

How the consumer should calculate whether or not their diet/metabolism will continue to require a continued lunchtime shake is not explained.

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Key Ingredients

Slimsticks contain a substance called Slimjac. This is a unique combination of natural ingredients that have been designed especially for this product.

  • Konjac:   A fibrous ingredient, derived from a perennial plant. Once ingested the fibers are capable of absorbing large amount of moisture, which causes them to swell up. This happens very quickly, resulting in a full feeling in the stomach and a loss of appetite.
  • Palm and Oat Oils:  Some vegetable oils are reputed to affect the body’s natural appetite controls and delay feelings of hunger. This is claimed to be  an effective mix that will begin to work around three hours after ingestion—around the same time as the benefits of the konjac are beginning to wear off—but The European Food Safety Authority have examined the evidence garnered from clinical trials and have declared it insufficient.

Media Focus

Slimsticks has benefitted from a great deal of media exposure.

Slimsticks media

The product has been featured in a variety of UK newspapers and magazines and it is also endorsed by TV glam-girl and model, Imogen Thomas, who has admitted that, before discovering Slimsticks, her uncontrollable love of food used to make it difficult for her to control her weight.

The Sun newspaper has also run a story likening the drink to a ‘gastric bypass in a glass’ – claiming that industry experts are impressed with the miracle ingredient (Konjac).

Customer Testimonials

The Slimsticks website contains many positive testimonials purported to be by satisfied users of the product. In one example, a customer named Sarah, who claims to have lost two stones in six months, states, “Slimsticks has helped me get into the right state of mind and drop three dress sizes”.

The fact that Slimsticks have been known to offer free product in exchange for Slimsticks success stories suggests that independent reviews will be less biased. Many such reviews are available on other sites and they show a mixed response, with some users stating it does not work, while also complaining it left them feeling bloated.

Side Effects

The main side effect reported appears to be the bloated feeling, and many consumers also state the product leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. But although no serious problems have been attributed to the use of Slimsticks, it is recommended that pregnant women or lactating mothers, and those with known health issues, should consult their doctor before commencing any diet or course of supplements.

The Bottom Line, Do We Recommend

Inovate Health appear to be a reputable company, but their seeming good standing in no way guarantees their ability to produce an effective product.

The properties of konjac have been tested and are well documented. There is little doubt the ingested fibers—once expanded—should suppress the appetite. It also so seems likely the expanded konjac fibers will be responsible for the unpleasant bloated feeling that some users complain about if not taken in the corect proportions. The secondary ingredient—the oil mix—may be of some benefit, but this is far from proven.

Slimsticks is not a recommended product. Better alternatives are available, that do not leave the user feeling bloated or with a bad taste in their mouth. Although the product may suppress the appetite, this approach is too one dimensional and any weight loss obtained would likely be a long time in coming.

The product may be more effective if combined with another supplement that can encourage more efficient burning of calories, and fat metabolism, but many such products also have appetite suppressant qualities of their own, which would render Slimsticks surplus to requirements.

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Where To Buy Slimsticks

The product is sold via the Slimsticks website and can also be purchased from the Boots website and in some Boots high street stores.

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