Firm Body Sculptor for Her Review With User Comments

Last updated on July 14th, 2018

Firm Body ScupltorFirm Body Sculptor for Her is a diet pill made in the USA by Fit Affinity and, as the name suggests, it’s intended to be used exclusively by women.

Though, having taken a look at the formulation, we can tell you it’s unlikely to do anything for a woman that it won’t do for a man.

And here’s an unusual thing: although Firm Body Sculptor for Her has other abilities, it’s primarily marketed as an appetite suppressant.

This is rather odd because the formulation of ingredients used is likely to offer the most value as a fat burner.

Claims: To be a a diet pill made for women and suitable for all body types.

Positives: Contains some good clinically studied ingredients.

Negatives: Not the strongest formula we have reviewed. Others preferred.

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Firm Body Sculptor Benefits

  • Suitable for all body types
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Does not contain stimulants
  • Controls sugar cravings
  • Provides all-day appetite reduction
  • Prevents fat gain
  • Limits citrate lyase enzyme production
  • Reduces body fat levels while preserving muscle tissue

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential Firm Body Sculptor

Three capsules per day provide:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) (500mg): A fruit extract. The active compound in garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid and it assists weight loss by suppressing hunger and preventing the enzyme ATP citrate lyase from converting excess carbohydrate into fat. The extract used here is 60% HCA and that’s nice to see because experts say extracts that provide a lesser percentage are unlikely to work.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (250mg): A popular ingredient that encourages weight loss while also helping to support good health. The antioxidants in green tea help purge the body of free radical toxins, while the catechin polyphenols and caffeine get to work on the body’s stores of fat.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI (250mg): An amino acid combination (methionine and lysine). It’s known to have fat burning capabilities, assists energy production, and can be good for providing weight loss without loss of muscle mass.
  • Raspberry Ketone Powder (250mg): A phenol that suppresses the appetite and helps with fat burning. There are two types of raspberry ketone. The most potent version is obtained from fruit. The cheapest version is the one made in a lab, but it’s not as good as its fruity namesake. Fit Affinity fails to identify which version is in use.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder (150mg): CLA is a type of omega fatty acid that offers dieters several desirable benefits. It aids food and energy metabolism, encourages the burning of fat, and helps improve muscle mass. If you want a better muscle to fat ratio, CLA can help.

Firm Body Sculptor Customer Comments

Customer reviews are mixed.

Here are a few randomly-selected comments:

[plain]”I’ve certainly noticed a decrease in hunger and I’m more of a nibbler now than a big eater. I’ve also lost a couple of pounds, but you need to get plenty of exercise and stick to healthy food.”[/plain]

[plain]”I tried these pills instead of my normal diet pills and I can’t say I’m impressed. They suppress my appetite a little bit, but the old ones were better and I’ve actually regained a couple of pounds. It’s my own fault. I should have stuck to the pills I knew.”[/plain]

[plain]”Good product. Nice and easy to swallow. I’ve only been using it 3 weeks and I’ve already lost 2lbs.”[/plain]

[plain]”I cannot and do not recommend this product. It made me feel bloated and gave me the most terrible headaches. There were no positive benefits at all. It’s a total waste of money. Avoid!”[/plain]

Side Effects and Health Considerations

Reported side effects include headaches, fatigue, bloating, and mood swings.

This is quite surprising because none of the ingredients used normally present problems.

However, it’s possible the formulation may contain binding or filling ingredients that do. However, for whatever reason, side effects appear to have been an issue for some past users, so it would be a wise precaution to seek advice from a doctor prior to commencing supplementation.

[info]Usage Guidelines – Three pills are needed each day. That’s one with breakfast, another with lunch, and one more with the evening meal.[/info]

Where to Buy Firm Body Sculptor for Her

You can buy Firm Body Sculptor for Her from the Fit Affinity website (who are also responsible for Tight Tummy and Lean Fat Burner) and shipping options are available to most countries of the world.

The product is also available via, but shipping options are limited to addresses located in the USA. Customers who buy Firm Body Sculptor for Her from the manufacturer’s website have to pay extra for shipping.

Customers who buy via Amazon do not.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Despite the fact that Fit Affinity is selling this product as an appetite suppressant, all five of the ingredients used in the formulation have fat burning capabilities.

Garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones are the only two that are likely to suppress the appetite and the raspberry ketone extract may not have much to offer if Fit Affinity is using the synthetic version.

We are mystified by the way Firm Body Sculptor for Her is being marketed.

However, be it as an appetite suppressant or as a fat burner, customer reviews don’t suggest it’s a particularly powerful product. They also show it has already let a lot of ladies down.

The fact that side effects have been reported is not ideal either, nor is the lack of a guarantee.

Firm Body Sculptor for Her should provide the women who use it with a limited amount of support, but it’s not one of the better options available and customers who are disappointed by it will be unable to get their money back.

Recommended Alternative

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