Tight Tummy for Her Review With Customer Comments

Last updated on July 14th, 2018

Tight Tummy for Her Review With Customer CommentsDespite the fact that the name makes Tight Tummy for Her sound like a diet pill, it’s not.

The product is primarily designed for women in need of something to reduce stomach bloating.

It’s made in the USA by Fit Affinity, who are also responsible for Firm Body Sculptor and Lean Fat Burner

The company appears to specialize in producing gender-specific health and wellness supplements and, although bottles of Tight Tummy for Her can be purchased individually, it’s also possible to buy the pills as part of a three-product weight loss bundle for women that includes a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

Fat burners and appetite suppressants offer obvious value to people who wish to lose weight, but remedies for bloating are a different matter and a pill of this nature would only provide a tight tummy if the abdominal area was already free from fat.

Claims: To help reduce belly bloating and helps to tighten the tummy.

Positives: There are one of two good ingredients in the formula

Negatives: Contains a lot of ingredients. In our opinion there are better products that will give you a better chance of success.

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Tight Tummy for Her Benefits

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces belly bloating
  • Helps tighten the tummy
  • Includes probiotics to support good digestive health

How Does Tight Tummy for Her Work

Fit Affinity doesn’t provide much information about how the formulation will do the things it’s supposed to do, but they state it’s a good option for women who have had their fill of drinking herbal detox teas.

Many things can cause stomach bloating.

Indigestion and constipation are just two examples, and women have it harder than men because bloating can occur during the menstrual period too.

However, although certain ingredients have the ability to treat bloating and reduce the level of swelling involved, bloating can sometimes be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, or other medical conditions.

This being the case, if bloating is an issue perhaps the doctor’s office may be the most sensible first port of call.

How Does Tight Tummy for Her Work

Key Ingredients

Two capsules provide:

  • Ginger Root PE 4:1 (200mg)
  • Potassium (200mg)
  • Peppermint Leaf PE 4:1 (150mg)
  • Chamomile Flower PE 4:1 (100mg)
  • DigeSEB SUPER Multi-Enzyme Complex (125mg)
  • Green Tea Leaf PE (100mg)
  • Fennel Seed PE 4:1 (100mg)
  • Cranberry PE (75mg)
  • Buchu Leaf PE 4:1(50mg)
  • Uva Ursi PE 4:1 (50mg)
  • Dandelion Root Powder (50mg)
  • Asparagus Root PE 4:1 (25mg)
  • Probiotic Blend (L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. Bulgaricus, B. Lactis, L. casei, S. thermophiles, B. Bifidum, and L. brevis) (15mg)

Blend Potential

Looking at the formulation, the first thing we notice is there are a lot of ingredients that are “PE” and/or “4:1” and Fit Affinity fails to let customers know what either of these things mean.

That’s not good, but “4:1” probably signifies the use of an extract that has been concentrated to four times the normal strength. “PE” is not something we’ve seen before but its relevance is unlikely to be important.

As far as the ingredients go, the formulation looks pretty good for a product of this nature.

Ginger and peppermint are both renowned for their abilities to settle an upset stomach and aid the digestive process. Ginger has added benefit because it also provides compounds that can ease menstrual cramps and other conditions that can cause bloating.

Bloating can sometimes occur as a response to too much salt or sodium in the diet.

Potassium supports the kidneys when they are purging salt and sodium from the system, so it’s worthwhile inclusion too.

The rest of the ingredients should also further the aims of the formulation, and dandelion stands out as being a particularly worthy inclusion. It’s a good diuretic with a long history of use.

The value of the DigeSEB SUPER Multi-Enzyme Complex is more debatable.

Although supplementing with digestive enzymes is alleged to do marvellous things for the body, including reducing bloating, Harvard medical experts state there is not much evidence to support the use of digestive enzymes in this way.

The Probiotic Blend could also be seen as having disputable value. Although this form of gut-friendly bacteria is known to aid digestion and provide other health benefits, the use of probiotic formulas can initially cause bloating. With long-term use, a healthy balance is restored, and bloating may be reduced.

[info]Usage Guidelines – The recommended dose is two capsules, once per day, taken just after breakfast. However, at times when bloating is especially bad, it’s permissible to take two capsules after each meal, but it’s important never to exceed the maximum dose of six capsules per day.[/info]

Tight Tummy for Her Customer Comments

We ignored all the reviews provided on the Fit Affinity website, preferring to gather feedback from less biased sources.

A few average Tight Tummy for Her customer reviews read:

[plain]”This product has done wonders for my energy levels and I’ve never felt so alive.”[/plain]

[plain]”If you think this product will help you to lose weight, think again. I took it religiously for four weeks and attained no benefits at all. Even with a low calorie diet and exercise, it wasn’t strong enough to pull it off.”[/plain]

[plain]”Seems to provide a little relief from bloating, but I haven’t lost weight and my belly is still jiggly instead of tight.”[/plain]

[plain]”My bloating is a little better now and I’ve no longer got a problem with intestinal gas (everyone’s grateful for that), but this treatment is not toning my belly or helping me to lose weight.” [/plain]

Side Effects and Health Considerations

People whose immune system has been weakened by disease or the use of medication or treatments, such as chemotherapy, will need to ask a doctor for advice before using any supplement that contains probiotic bacteria.

The use of digestive enzymes can also present problems for some people, so we suggest all potential users of this product seek professional medical advice prior to commencing supplementation

Where to Buy Tight Tummy for Her

Customers who live in the USA can buy Tight Tummy for Her from Amazon.com. Everyone else will have no choice but to purchase a supply of pills via the manufacturer’s website.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

If you want to lose weight, Tight Tummy for Her is unlikely to give you much help.

As a remedy for bloating, it may be pretty good, but the probiotic blend may cause problems for some users.

Especially during the early stages. The digestive enzymes may also be more trouble than they are worth, so, once again, we point out the wisdom of seeking professional medical advice prior to using Tight Tummy for Her.

Recommended Alternative

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It does not have a pink bottle but what it does have is clinically proven ingredients that can provide multiple weight loss benefits.

PhenQ is fully guaranteed and has over 200,000 satisfied customers to date.

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