What Can Diet Pills Do – How Do They Actually Work

Last updated on June 28th, 2018

What can do diet pills doWhat can do diet pills do – How do they actually work? Experts always say the best diet pills are the ones that offer multiple benefits. There’s a lot of sense in this because making and sticking to a commitment to lose weight is no easy thing.

Cutting back on the amount of food you eat can lead to extreme feeling of hunger, rob you of energy and seriously affect the mood.

Many diet pills have been designed to help with all these things and some can offer help in other ways as well.

The problem is, the average diet pill buyer doesn’t understand all the different diet pill features and often ends up buying blind.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 popular diet pill features, and included brief explanations of the ways they offer support.

Ten Popular Diet Pill Features

1. Appetite Suppression: Diet pills that contain nopal an other good appetite suppressing ingredients make life easier for dieters by taking away hunger urges and silencing a nagging stomach.

Diet pills that contain good appetite suppressing ingredients make it easier for all dieters to lose weight, and women may find such pills especially beneficial because scientists have discovered the urge to eat is stronger for a woman than it is for a man.

Appetite Suppression

2. Faster Metabolism: The metabolism controls how fast the body burns calories and converts them to energy.

It can become sluggish for any number of different reasons and, once it becomes slow, it can be very hard to lose weight.

Even boosting a normal-speed metabolism can offer untold benefits because the body only burns fat when it experiences a calorie deficit. Using diet pills that cause the body to run short of calories sooner make you start burning fat sooner as well.

Most good fat burners contain ingredients that are good for boosting the metabolism.

3. Thermogenic Fat Burning: Thermogenesis is a process where the body loses energy in the form of heat.

The human body is warm. We’ve all seen television programs and films where people who are hiding are ferreted out by police using thermographic cameras.

Heat is a form of energy and science tells us energy cannot be created or destroyed.

The heat energy the body loses via thermogenesis generally comes from the calories (a calorie is a unit of energy) provided by food and the calories locked away in our fat.

4. Improved Lipolysis: Many diet pills are designed to improve lipolysis, but it’s a complicated biological process that’s not easy to explain in simple terms.

However, if you see a diet pill that has been designed to improve lipolysis it means the pill in question is intended to help the body break down its existing stores of fat.

It’s a diet pill feature that’s usually associated with fat burners.

Fat burners

5. Insulin Control: Insulin is the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar levels.

The pancreas releases it when blood sugar becomes too high. When insulin rises, blood sugar drops, but blood sugar and insulin levels can fluctuate a lot.

Especially after a meal. When the stomach has just been fed, all those calories entering the body can cause the blood sugar to rise quite fast. This causes the pancreas to release insulin, which brings the blood sugar down.

Unfortunately it often brings the blood sugar level down too far. The body responds to this sudden drop in blood sugar by creating a desire for sugary or high fat food.

Some ingredients, like chromium and green coffee bean extract, have the ability to help prevent fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels and keep things on an even keel.

6. Help with Sugar Urges: A lot of diet pill manufacturers say their products can help with hunger urges. If you are searching for diet pills, you are going to see this one a lot.

All it means is the pills have ingredients that can provide insulin control.

Fat Bllocking

7. Fat Blocking: Fat contains nine calories per gram. That’s more than double the amount provided by carbohydrates and protein. They both contain only four calories per gram.

Diet pills that have fat blocking as a main or secondary feature are intended to limit the amount of fat (from food) the body can digest.

Any fat that is not digested (typically around 30% of the amount consumed) passes through the body undigested and no calories are released.


8. Carb Blocking: Carb blocking diet pills generally contain white kidney bean extract because it interferes with the activity of the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates.

Diet pills that are only designed to block carbs will have a generous dose.

Multifunctional diet pills that offer carb blocking as one of their features will contain less. Carb blocking diet pills are generally most suitable for people who eat too many high carb foods, likes chips, bread, and pasta.

9. More Energy: The calories in food provide the body with energy, so it stands to reason cutting back on food can result in feelings of lethargy and fatigue.

The energy provided by the fat burning process keeps the body functioning, but sticking with a low calorie diet can still leave you feeling tired.

A lot of diet pills deal with this by providing caffeine and other stimulants, but its possible to invigorate the body by using curcumin and certain other ingredients. Stimulants are not the only way to go.

10. Mood Enhancement: Dieting can cause depression and health experts confirm it.

One reason for this could be a lack of of tryptophan (amino acid). It’s one of the things the body needs to produce the feel-good hormone serotonin but, whatever the cause, the idea of dieting isn’t to feel down.

It’s to slim down and, for this reason, some diet pills contain ingredients that can help improve the mood.

Last updated on June 28th, 2018

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